My name is Arsenij Pichugin, I’m from Latvia. I’m 18 years old and I think that knowledge and experience are one of the things you should leave behind as you grow up. People usually save those little bits of knowledge writing them down somewhere.

And here comes another of my values – sharing knowledge with others. I think everybody should do it – it is just that life becomes much more easier. If everybody would be sharing a solution to some problem he solved, many, many things would be done much faster in everyday life.

Of course, here comes the question of “How do we find the solution”, but I assume that Google is everybody’s friend. If he isn’t your friend, well, you better make him. Chances are he will eventually point you to some solution you would be searching for yourself for ages instead.

So, I’ll be sharing my solutions here. Sometimes also boasting, expressing my opinion and making tutorials – I love tutorials. Once you write one, you don’t need to write much on that topic anymore. But it takes time and work, for sure. 

What topics I’ll be writing about?

  • Linux in general
  • Electronics in general
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino
  • Some custom circuits
  • Making PCBs
  • Python
  • Architecture of programs
  • “Smart house” topic
  • Useful sites
  • DIY
  • Computer and peripheral repairs
  • Modding
  • Organising workplace
  • Electrics
  • Writing itself
  • and much more of the things I eventually will add to my knowledge database.

What will be posted here?

  • Info about any finished projects
  • Info about any unfinished projects, including both those which will continue and those which won’t
  • Tips on some topics – both general and small
  • Just some ideas – even those I won’t even get close to implementing myself.
  • Bugfixes – both those I found on the net and invented myself
  • Opinions on some topics – don’t expect my opinions to be objective even though I try =)
  • Information that I might find useful for anybody on any topic
  • and, again, much more than this.

I think future is for those, who will read, and depends on those, who will write. I’ll hope this blog really helps somebody in going towards his dreams – the same way as it helps to go towards mine.

Also, I’m considering translating every article into both Latvian and Russian. Those are languages that I know, and I think using those two languages in addition to English will be broadening the auditory of those people that I might help by writing =) But it’s not something I’ll do now.

To sum this up, I’m going to dump lots of stuff here, trying to help people by providing information, which has in the recent years became even more powerful than before. Let’s hope this works 😉

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