What I use for making GIFs in tutorials – small yet powerful collection of free tools as a starters kit

I’ve recently got a job making tutorials, and it seems that I’ve already found a set of free tools that help. I’ll be updating this post, should my opinion change =)

Soooo… I’ve had a task of making GIF depicting a process in Eagle CAD. I need free tools, being a poor student who, however, doesn’t want to crack software just because it’s the first thing I’ve found. Also, I use Windows XP, so, for example, Snipping Tool isn’t available to me.



Screencasting software – CamStudio

Main page

Get it from here 

It’s really easy to use, has no significant limitations and is fast. I won’t even make a tutorial here – you’ll know it when you see it =)  The only con – their main site was hacked some time ago, and Google Chrome still says everything that gets downloaded from their site is malware, and you can’t just ignore this warning easily. So – download it from the link above, their SourceForge repo.


Screenshot software – Cobra Snipping Tool

Get it from here

Easy to use, even though it has only two features – fullscreen screenshot or selection… But did you ever really need more?  😉 Don’t forget to make a keyboard shortcut!


Video-to-GIF software – Free Video to GIF Converter

Main page

Get it from here

Interface is intuitive, no limitations… Simple and perfect in its simplicity.


Result of using CamStudio and Free Video to GIF Converter:



I guess I’ll translate this tutorial I’m making now… If only person that pays me allows this =)

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