Monthly Archives: August 2014

When the screws are stuck…

…You gotta find another way. For example, I’ve received an almost-disassembled 15″ monitor that I’ll put in the drawer for quite a while just because I haven’t got time for it yet. But first, I’ve decided to see why the person I received this screen from was so generous… Turns out that most of the screws couldn’t be unscrewed, those were the ones connecting PCB and stand with the base metal plate. Neither could they be unscrewed by me, unfortunately… So here comes the dremel!

Detaching PCB:

Detaching plastic cover that was held by the stand:

Now this monitor needs a new case… And I’m not good at making cases out of scratch, so I’ll put it aside for a while =) Life lesson for you – buy a good set of different screwdrivers so you can always find the right one and not screw up all the screws.

And for a nice ending I’ll add some cats 😉