SSD1332 65K 96×64 Color OLED sample code + pinout + simplest Eagle breakout

So, I’ve searched for this display’s files for two weeks. Those are cheap (3$ on eBay), but unlike all those SSD1332 displays with green ribbon of uniform width (and available drivers and breakouts). I’m not even sure if this display is SSD1332 based, and I’m not sure I care after many frustrating unsuccessful attempts to get it working. It’s cheap, however, but you do get a bare panel with a controller.

Apparently, these displays are produced by RiTDisplay. They weren’t that helpful with datasheets though and it’s not even listed on their page. Also, apparently, it’s discontinued now. The display has 27 pins, with SPI and 8-bit interface both available. I found it listed as RGS10096064FR004 on one site but the datasheet seemed to be behind the paywall.

Recently, I found the datasheet (more or less accessible), pinout information (found it before somewhere too, but it was hard) AND SAMPLE CODE! I haven’t yet checked it, but since it was hard to find, I’m sharing it with others.

Dropbox link

RGHost link

Yandex Disk link

Also, I’m sharing the simple board I’ve made in Eagle. It’s in no way complete –  no annotations, some jumpers might be missing for your purpose and you’ll have to check the pinout for your driving mode, but the FPC pitch is right and all the pins you’d need are broken out on headers. I also plan to transfer it to KiCad quite soon, so expect it to be available as well.




Yandex Disk

9 thoughts on “SSD1332 65K 96×64 Color OLED sample code + pinout + simplest Eagle breakout

    1. CRImier Post author

      Hi! Unfortunately, it’s corrupt for me too. It seems like it’s the old trick that Chinese suppliers use when they get asked for a datasheet they don’t want to give =( Oh well, at least the .c files should have the initialization sequence and everything. I’ll see if I’ll have some time to go to eBay and ask around for a datasheet – until I do that, I highly suggest you yourself give it a try, especially if you already bought one of these panels =)

  1. Verdickt Jeffrey

    If you are still looking to get some oled action you could try this one. from Aliexpress. It’s based on SDD1303 which is easy to find datasheets on (i’m still pretty new to electronics so datasheets or not my thing yet) but there also cheap and it looks like there is a bigger chance on getting them to work somehow. I really wanna be able to adress them via SPI (and raspberry pi) but i’ll prolly have to ask someone help on this. But if you could figure it out i would love to hear.

  2. Dan Riches

    Hi, did you ever get this display working? I’ve tried ssd1332 code but don’t get anything on the display and I have 14 off these damn things, grr. Anything you have looks pointers etc would be very useful.


  3. Max

    I know this is way after the fact, but did you manage to ever get these cheap OLEDs working? I’ve asked around everywhere and haven’t been able to get any accurate data sheet that matches the pinout from the listing I purchased, or the other documentation I was able to collect. I made a PCB by piecing together the pinout from the seller as well as a schematic from a display with the same pinout and some tips from the SSD1332 driver datasheet, but for the life of me can’t get it to display anything. I thought maybe I could at least write to the display mode register to set all the pixels on as a start, but no joy. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Emirikol

    I know this was long time ago but did you make this work? Did you finished the kicad files? I have found the same display in one of my components drawers and I had no idea how to drive it. Thanks in advance


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