Who am I?

Currently a student in Latvia, finishing my school and thinking of my future. I plan to connect my future with computers, and that’s why I do anything that I see as helping me to get my own place in this field. Of course, I have my own definition of a “place”. I’ve always wanted to help people – that’s because I’ve received help myself and liked the concept.

Why am I here?

To share all the knowledge I’m getting. At least, if not all, then at least a part of it. And, maybe, this could be the page to act as a CV to show my future employer =) Who knows. To read more about why I am here, I’ve already made an article about it.

How to contact me?

Well, should you have a question about one of the topics I write about – the “Comments” button is right there, under the article =) And if you have a question about some other thing – feel free to contact me at crimier@yandex.ru .

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