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Did you know that… – notes about Asus EEE PC 701

An Asus EEE PC 701 4G runs perfectly on 12V power supply instead of 9,5 V one. Checked on two EEE 701 4G of different revisions, no overheating of power components and everything works for over a year by now. So – EEE PC 901 supply of 12 volts / 3 amps fits 701 model both by connector and voltage/amperage. Saying this because couldn’t find any information on the Web when I myself searched for this question, but now it’s clear.

Sometimes, on Asus EEE 701 4G keyboard keys misbehave: F2 becomes F1, | and ~ disappear… It’s simple to repair it: just turn off your EEE, close the lid, eject the battery, open the lid and press the power button for some 5 seconds. All the glitches seem to disappear after this.

Also, screen can start flickering in a strange manner all of a sudden. Just closing the lid and opening it again should help then.

To be continued if I find something more worth sharing about it =)