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mullvad (or other wireguard) and tailscale coexistence – tailscale not pinging

my linux to linux tailscale connection would not ping, except that ‘tailscale ping’ itself worked. i rememnbered I also had mullwad. looking a bit, I found this wonderful post with explanations on how it all actually works. the guy rebooted to have it work tho, and I didn’t want to reboot.

I did the systemctl fix he suggested (despite the “before” and “after” confusion in his conclusion and “fix” sectiion, weird), but restarting units a few times in different orders (including the tailscaled unit) didn’t help and the rules stayed the same as in his “broken” example, tailscale rule after mullwad rule in ‘ip rule’ order.

do read the post for insights, but still, in short, this helped:

sudo ip rule add preference 5207 from all lookup 52
sudo ip rule delete preference 5270

looks like this can be put in a script, too, and the rules stay consistent between installations? idk. likeeee, check ‘ip rule’ output and script things at your own risk.