Flashing BIOS on MSI FM2 boards with a Richland processor

Say you, like me, had a motherboard with an incorrectly flashed BIOS. What do you do in that case? Well, best case, you use DualBIOS or an integrated BIOS recovery tool. What if neither is available? Well, you get a programmer and flash it. What if then you’re stuck with non-matching motherboard and CPU because:

  • The latest BIOS version which is available as binary is not compatible with the CPU you’re on (“please update BIOS for Richland”)
  • You can’t get another CPU in less than a month and a lot of money
  • All the versions which support your CPU are available only as self-unpacking EXEs which seem to work only when you’re in Windows, which you don’t seem to be able to do because the BIOS is not letting you:


Well, there actually is a solution.

  1. Get a flash drive, put MS-DOS on it (either format it using Windows =<7 and that checkbox which is there)
  2. Put that damned EXE on this drive and insert it into the motherboard (rear USB 2.0 ports preferred, the ideal orifice would be located on the body of the person responsible for a decision of not providing ROMs)
  3. Boot and press F1 to go into that damn BIOS
  4. Go “Settings”->”Save and Exit” -> override boot order and boot into that flash drive
  5. Enter “dir” to see the filename of the BIOS flashing tool
  6. Run it and reboot when it allows you.


The boards on which this should work, according to the BIOS release notes:

FM2-A55M-E33 /FM2-A55M-E23 / FM2-A55M-P33 / FM2-A75MA-P33 / FM2-A85XMA-P33

You might have some luck with other boards, too. This approach worked for me with FM2-A75MA-P33.

6 thoughts on “Flashing BIOS on MSI FM2 boards with a Richland processor

  1. David Worth

    I have a FM2-A75MA-E35 in which I put an A10 6800k(richland). I had a 5800k in it with bios 1.5. The Richland booted up, said go to setup because of new cpu, and then I saved, exited and it booted into Windows 10 and seemed to run ok. SiSoft’s Sandra said something about core voltage not being right, so I restarted into bios and changed from standard clocking to eco mode, but Sandra still said core voltage was too high(I’m pretty sure that was the message).
    Anyway, I went through the MSI hoops before I ended up at your solution, but I decided to just run as-is on bios 1.5. I hope I am not hurting anything. David

      1. Sean Lee

        this bios problem it says the same thing, my cpu is a8 6600k, do I need to update the bios that supports richland cpu?

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